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Cable Locks

  • BBB BBL-22 Microloop

    Additional cable to combine with the BBB-21 U-Vault. Thick durable twisted inner steel cable provides maximum protection. PVC cover protect your bicycle’s paint from chips and scratches. Size: 10 mm x 1800 mm.

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  • BBB BBL-24 ExtraChain

    Specs EXTRACHAIN BBL-24 Locks - Extreme security Additional chain to combine with the BBL-28 U-Vault. Thick durable steel chain provides maximum protection. Nylon cover protect your bicycles paint from chips and scratches. Size: 5 mm x 1200 mm. ...

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  • BBB BBL-26 PowerChain

    Specs POWERCHAIN BBL-26 Locks - Extreme security Thick heavy-duty steel chain bicycle lock for maximum protection. Hardened steel U-lock, with extra tough lock mechanism, 2 numbered keys included. Nylon cover provides for easy carrying and...