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Pedal Toe Clips and Straps

  • BBB Bike and Tight Toe Straps

    ¦ Industrial-strength Nylon straps. Extra durable.¦ Made to withstand frequent use.¦ Retains strong even when exposed to the elements.¦ Heavy-duty high-grade buckle.¦ Secure locking mechanism

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  • BBB Click and Go Cleats

    BPD-01 Compatible with all SPD shoes and pedals. Tough and light CrMo for long-lasting durability. Float: 4 degree. Easy click in and out. Hardened steel bolts included.

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  • BBB Feetrest Pedals

    ¦ Adapter that fits in one side of a SPD-compatible pedal that allows you to use ordinary street shoes.¦ Dual reflectors for added safety.¦ Easy installation and removal.

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  • BBB Feettight Toe Clips

      FEETTIGHT BPD-96 Pedals - Cleats Strapless toe clips. Compatible with the Mount & Go (BPD-15), BigFeet (BPD-16) and ClassicRide (BPD-17) pedals. Compatible with BPD-30 Bike & Tight straps. Sizes: M and L.

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