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BBB Bottle Cages

  • BBB BBC-03 Fuektank

    BBB BBC-03 Fuektank

    BBC-03 AL 6061 T5 2 SCREWS Durable and lightweight aluminum. T-shape design gives a secure bottle fit. Special dampers prevents scuff marks. Stainless steel bolts. Colors: chrome, matt black, blue, red, glossy black, silver, white and matt titanium

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  • BBB BBC-12 Carbon Cage

    BBB BBC-12 Carbon Cage

     UD Carbon fiber bottle cage.Unique design holds water bottle securely while allowing fast and easy bottle retrieval.Black aluminum bolts.Weight: 22 grams

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  • BBB BBC-16 Light Cage

    BBB BBC-16 Light Cage

    Features & Specs 3K carbon fiber bottle cage. Visually clean and minimalistic look. Secure bottle retention system. Black aluminum bolts. Weight: 20 grams. Colors: glossy carbon and glossy white

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  • BBB BBC-30 Carboncage

    UD carbon fiber bottle cage.Special shape combines a tight bottle hold with a low weight.Secure flexible bottle retention system.Black aluminum bolts.Weight: 22 gramsrbon and glossy white

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  • BBB BBC-36 Flex Cage

    Lightweight composite bottle cage.Secure tight fit due to the auto-adjust flex system.Stainless steel bolts.Weight: 31 grams.Colors: black/red, black/yellow, black/white, white/black, white/blue and white/green.Weight: 31 grams

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  • BBB BBC-37 Fibercage

    FiberCage - BBC-37. UD Carbon fibre bottle cage. Unique design holds water bottle securely while allowing fast and easy bottle retrieval. Black aluminium bolts. Weight: 24 grams. Colour: matt UD carbon.

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