Minoura Rollers

  • Minoura AC PRO Rollers

    Product Description / Features: The AC-Pro is the Minoura roller set that is designed for very hard training by professional riders. The AC-Pro needed to be superiorly stable and being able to be used at very high speeds.This is such a specialist usage,...

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    Product Description / Features: Minoura ActionRoller Advance Rollers.Minoura's high quality foldable rollers have 80mm alloy drums.These rollers provide a perfectly smooth training platform with a natural road like feel while the low frame design gives...

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  • Minoura Live R700 Rollers Non Mag

    Frame/Roller Independent height adjusted rollers for maximizing workout Adjustable sliding frame with QR for dialing in bike wheel base length Memory function for quick reassembly Horizontal bike setting for natural ride feel Low noise and long...

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