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Mountain Shoes

  • Northwave Spider 2 Shoes

    Product Description / Features: X-Crossbow Michelin sole with self-cleaning tread blocks and enlarged edges to provide excellent gripThermowelded Layer Construction combines multiple layers without overlaps for excellent ventilation and reduced...

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  • Northwave Tribe Shoes Black/Sand

    Product Description / Features: Sole featuring a co-developed MICHELIN-NWcompound ensures excellent grip on the pedals–– Suede upper with large breathable mesh inserts–– Reinforcements with abrasion-resistant rubberprints on the toe and heel and a...

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  • Shimano XC7 Mountain Bike Shoes

    SHIMANO - SH-XC701 OFF-ROAD RACING SHOES FOR COMFORT AND MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE FEATURES• Ultra-rigid, lightweight carbon fiber reinforced midsole• Supple high-density synthetic leather with perforated venting for superior fit• Dual...

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    Shimano XC9 Mountain Bike Shoes

    SHIMANO - SH-XC9 THE ULTIMATE IN OFF-ROAD POWER TRANSMISSION AND LIGHTWEIGHT EFFICIENCY Road-shoe fast meets mountain-shoe rugged. Finally, off-road shoes deliver pro performance in the dirt. XC9 is packed with engineering innovations that improve...

    $389.00 - $399.00
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