• Profile Design ADL Bars

    Profile Design ADL Bars

    Proprietary integrated bracket design allows the rider to run a minimalist clip-on aerobar design with or without armrests. Clamp style and 3-position F-35i Injected Armrest provide a road geometry adjustable aerobar fit Taller 40mm S-Bend...

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  • Profile Legacy II Alloy Bars

    Key updates to the Legacy bar include improved ergonomics and added hand positions to create a more dynamic bar. The armrests feature width adjustment along with rotational adjustment. The simple yet adjustable design of the Legacy II adds versatility to...

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  • BBB Aerobar

    ¦ Two piece set of aluminium time trial bars.¦ Horizontal bar shape for a aerodynamic riding position.¦ Easy to use clamping mechanism compatible with 26.0/31.8 mm road handlebars.¦ Fully adjustable.¦ Soft arm support...

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  • BBB Aerobase Bars

    ¦ Two piece set of aluminium time trial bars.¦ Convenient clamping mechanism compatible with 26.0/31.8 mm road handlebars.¦ Foam padded arm supports.¦ Adjustable extension length and two possible positions for the arm pads...

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  • BBB Aerolite Full Carbon Bars

    ¦ Full carbon time trial handlebar and flat bar.¦ Super lightweight aluminium clamping mechanism is fully adjustable over the width of the bar.¦ Adjustable extension length and pad angle.¦ Soft arm support padding.¦...

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  • Profile Sonic Ergo 4525a

    Our new Sonic bracket has been designed as the successor to the J2, which has been a somewhat ignored part of our range.  With this update it brings our new generation fit range to a wider range of pricepoints, replacing the J2 bracket.  The...

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  • Profile Subsonic Race 35a

    The Subsonic/Race/35a aerobar combines the low stack Subsonic bracket with the arm hugging Race armrest to offer an industry leading fit range oriented to wards low, narrow positions. The 35a extension offers a comfortable 35 degree angle...

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  • Profile T2 Plus Carbon Bars

    Affordable, lightweight aluminum construction Aggressive position “S-Bend” extensions for time-trial or triathlon 6061-T6 aluminum extensions and forged brackets Injection molded F-19 length, width, and rotationally adjustable anatomic...

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